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Hartmann Luggage >> Intensity with Deluxe Handle System (DHS)
High-performance Ballistic nylon, like that used in military bulletproof vests, with tough full-grain leather trim and strong antique brass or matte black nickel finished hardware, the Intensity Collection offers ultra-lightweight and extremely durable luggage.  This new DHS  is the most durable handle, wheels and frame system in the industry. Now available in Hartmann's Coffee Tan Color or Black Color, Both with Belting Leather Trim.

Model Click on Description Dimensions Retail Price


Carry-On Mobile Travelers
3080 Expandable Mobile Traveler 20x14x8.5" 595.00 476.00 Click to Enlarge
3500 Basic Mobile Traveler 22x14x9" 495.00 300.00 Click to Enlarge
3330 Garment Bag Mobile Traveler 22x14x9" 595.00 475.00 Click to Enlarge
Expandable Mobile Travelers
3520 22" Expandable Mobile Traveler 22x14.25x9-11.5" 625.00 499.00 Click to Enlarge
3540 24" Expandable Mobile Traveler 24x18x11.5-14" 725.00 580.00
3570 27" Expandable Mobile Traveler 27x19.75x12-14.5" 850.00 680.00
Large Mobile Traveler with Garment Sleeve
3620 30" Mobile Traveler with Garment Sleeve 30x19.5x10" 675.00 550.00 Click to Enlarge
Wheeled Garment Bags
3220 41" Mobile Traveler Garment Bag 20x21x9.75 725.00 580.00 Click to Enlarge
3000 50" Mobile Traveler Garment Bag 23.75x23.75x12.75" 875.00 700.00 Click to Enlarge
Wheeled Duffle and Tote
3590 Mobile Traveler Duffel 30x14x14" 595.00 475.00 Click to Enlarge
3020 Mobile Tote 13x15.5x7.75 425.00 350.00 Click to Enlarge
Garment Bags (non-wheeled)
2190 44" OvernightLite Garment Cover 44x21.5x15 (opened) 275.00 220.00 Click to Enlarge
2260 44" Travel Master 44x24x3.5 (opened) 550.00 425.00 Click to Enlarge
Totes and Duffels (non-wheeled)
1980 E2-Zip Expandable Carry-On 20.75x12.5x8" 395.00 316.00 Click to Enlarge
1950 20" Club Bag 10.5x20x1.5" 275.00 225.00 Click to Enlarge
1250 Vertical Satchel 12.25x14.25x8.5" 295.00 236.00 Click to Enlarge
1410 Attachable Tote 12x15.5x6.5" 250.00 200.00 Click to Enlarge
Wheeled Business Cases
3010 Expandable Mobile Traveler Office 13x17.75x8.75-10" 595.00 475.00 Click to Enlarge
3040 Expandable MT Office 16.5x13x6.5" 525.00 420.00 Click to Enlarge
Travel Kits
6520 Organizer Travel Kit 6x11x4.5 95.00 90.00 Click to Enlarge
6380 Cargo Kit 3.5x9x7 75.00 65.00 Click to Enlarge

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