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Lightweight and Durable: These are well known series that have established reputation as the best value.  Now these are the current versions that are even lighter weight than previous generations.

Lightweight Expandable Suiters by Delsey
21277 25" Expandable Suiter Trolley 26x18x9-11.5"  10.5 lbs. 89.99 Click to Enlarge
21279 29" Expandable Suiter Trolley 29x20x10-12.5"  13 lbs 99.99
Professional Series by Atlantic   
34194 21" Expandable Suiter
21x14x8"-11.25" 169.00  Click here to enlarge.
34124 24" Expandable Suiter 24x17x7.75"-10.75" 182.00 
34126 26" Expandable Suiter 26x19x9"-11.5" 196.00 
34129 29" Expandable Suiter 29x22x10.5"-13" 208.00 



Best Value Platinum3: This series is no longer made so we are offering it at close out prices.  This series has always got the #1 rating when comparing to other uprights.  All bags are backed  by Travelpro luggage.

Platinum Series by Travelpro
Model Description Dimensions


9220E 20"Roll-A-Board Suiter
20x14x9" 470.00 189.95  Click to Enlarge
9222 22"Roll-A-Board
Expandable Suiter
(carry-on most planes)
22x14x9 - 12" 500.00 178.89 
9224 24" Roll-A-Board
Expandable  Suiter
24x16x12.5"- 15.5" 550.00 188.89 
9226 26" Roll-A-Board
Expandable Suiter
26x20x12.5"- 15.5" 585.00 199.89 
9229 29" Roll-A-Board Suiter 29x22x13.5"- 16.5" 620.00 259.95 


Briggs and Riley luggage: This is Briggs and Riley Luggage best series.  Having the best written warranty, Briggs and Riley continue to make news.  The outside handle system on the wheeled upright suiters are the best in business.

Expandable.Suiters by Briggs Riley
U21X 21" Upright Expandable Suiter
(carry-on most planes when no expanded)
21x14x8.5-11" 299.00
U24X 24" Upright Expandable Suiter 24x18x8-10" 295.00
U26X 26" Upright Expandable Suiter 26x19x9-11" 335.00
U28X 28" Upright Expandable Suiter 28x19x9-11" 365.00

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