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Boyt Luggage

Customers remember from years ago, when Boyt Luggage manufactured gun cases and sport gear packs.  Their customers are very loyal, because they know that they uses the best materials and strive to make quality bags. ....

There is no doubt that designs through out a line have to be functional.  Many times this is self evident.  It is the long standing reputation of a manufacturer which is sometimes less obvious.

John Boyt opened his Des Moines saddle and harness works in 1901, the Boyt name has been synonymous with the values upon which American business success has been founded: quality materials, superior craftsmanship, durability and innovation.

Today’s products profit from their century-long tradition of craftsmanship, married to state-of-the-art innovation.  Boyt’s ergonomically-designed features and product details are the result of countless hours of observational research. Subtleties and nuances in design create a compelling case that consumers can see, touch and feel.

The same high standards  go into each product that is “branded with the Boyt name.  Boyt continues to stand behind their name and also promises to project Boyt’s heartland heritage and values into the next century.  Boyt. Going places since 1901.

The Boyt luggage customers we spoke to particularly liked the duffle bags and non structured pieces.  There are many pockets and zipper compartments that make organizing easy.  Many customers are also taken with their tapestry line offering classic pieces like hat cases and make up train cases.  

Boyt Luggage make strong, durable series of product line.  Offering offer an array of rolling pieces, totes, duffels, suiters, garment bags and more that could be the perfect fit to your travel needs.