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When considering Travelpro luggage, you should know that Travelpro invented the rolling luggage.  If it weren't for Travelpro we all still would be trying to make do with old caster wheeled luggage that would always lose its balance and fall over.  It was about 12 years ago when the founder of Travelpro realized there was indeed a better way to move your luggage along.  He was a pilot and studied exactly what was needed to make the traveling community satisfied.  After developing and improving the original concept, they have built a reputation in every piece they make.  Garment bags, travel totes, carry ons, as well as all those wheeled pieces.  Including rolling luggage like uprights and suiters and duffels.  

The other amazing fact is that the original roll-a-boards are priced so they are affordable to almost everyone.  Their product lines have been recognized as "best value" by leading consumer magazines as well as pilots and flight attendants in the travel industry.  Travelpro offers great value.  

Travelpro makes luggage to fit everyone's needs.  They have you covered, whether you are a frequent traveler looking for high end or an infrequent traveler looking for value at a more moderate price point.

They are known for having smart designs, approaching the design with practicality that translates into easy working luggage that will last for years of travel.  Remember these are the guys who invented today's luggage.

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